Outsourcing Call Center

Outsourcing Call Center

In today’s highly competitive business environment, branding is everything; from corporate
image to content marketing and from product presentation to customer service, toady’s
companies are expected to inject branding into each of their business processes.

When it comes to customer service and client relations, business owners often find themselves
challenged by the prospect of setting up a contact center from the ground up. The reality of call
centers is that they are difficult to start and complicated to maintain, particularly for business
owners who did not expect their operations to expand so quickly. For this reason, call center
outsourcing became a popular business strategy in the late 1990s; however, it did not take long
for this strategy to be called into question due to the offshoring factor.

In the beginning, many American companies chose to go offshore for the purposes of
contracting outsourcing call center  services; this often meant choosing call centers in remote

places such as India. After a few years of these offshore outsourced solutions, executives
noticed a major problem: lack of cultural affinity between the contact center agents and
American customers. Since cultural affinity is a vital aspect of branding, it became clear that the
offshoring trend could not continue.

Over the last few years, nearshoring and inshoring have come to replace offshoring as the
preferred outsourcing strategy. Inshoring is an outsourcing tactic that seeks to quickly set up
contact centers in the United States. Nearshoring seeks to take advantage of nearby
jurisdictions that have cultural affinity with American customers, clients, and prospects.
Nearshoring also lets companies quickly establish a bilingual call center for customer service or
marketing purposes.

Inbound Call Center Services

One of the most common outsourcing strategies is to set up inbound contact centers where
agents can respond to calls and queries from customers and prospects. Since inbound marketing
has considerably grown over the last few years, these contact centers have become very
popular among companies that wish to elevate their image by providing great service.

Outbound Call Center Services

Decades ago, outbound call centers were derided by customers and prospects because of the
outdated practice of cold calling. These days, outbound campaigns are enjoying a renaissance,
particularly in the business-to- business realm, thanks to updated tactics that go far beyond cold
calling. A carefully crafted outbound campaign can work wonders for modern companies that
wish to improve their bottom line.

Customer satisfaction, branding, competitiveness, and cost-savings are at the heart of business
process outsourcing. Too many business owners have experienced the shortcomings of going
offshore; many others have tried to manage their own contact centers only to realize that this is
easier said than done. Inshoring and nearshoring are clearly the best call center solutions these

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