Nearshore Call Center

At Call Centers U.S., we provide dedicated and convenient call center solutions for clients across all industries. Our nearshore call center offer more than just the cost-savings advantages of an offshore call center; we are able to provide improved customer service and customer care solutions based on our vast experience and knownledge.

The proximity of nearshore outsourcing is a key advantage that cannot be overlooked. First of all, nearshoring offers the same business hours as the United States; our contact centers in the Caribbean and Central America can easily adjust to the Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones. This is important not just for customer communications but also for managers and executives who need to discuss operations. Proximity is a greater advantage when clients wish to visit call centers for training and supervision purposes.

Cultural affinity is an even more important advantage of nearshoring. Setting up a bilingual call center is a lot easier with nearshore facilities; this is something that is not so easily accomplished in India, the Philippines or even in some regions of the United States. Multilingual call center operations are also easier to establish in nearshore jurisdictions. There was a time when business process outsourcing meant setting up contact centers in India or the Philippines; however, clients quickly learned that dealing with cultural differences is not conducive to business success, especially with regard to customer communications. The rich cultural diversity of nearshoring is reflected in our customer contact agents who understand and enjoy the American way of life.

With regard to technology and infrastructure, our nearshore operations centers use the same
protocols used by companies in the United States. We understand that modern business
enterprises need to scale their operations in a moment’s notice; to this effect, our virtual call center solutions are elastic and flexible enough to accommodate sudden shifts of pace.

Call Centers U.S. recruits agents that can provide customer care across many sectors, from
financial services to technology and from healthcare to manufacturing. We can also provide our extensive experience in telemarketing to design effective inbound and outbound campaigns; we offer this consultancy at the business-to- consumer and business-to- business levels.

With nearshore outsourcing, companies get all the stateside strengths at very low costs. It
should be noted that the savings aspect is not the greatest advantage; what is more convenient about nearshoring is that companies do not have to create their own contact center infrastructure with all the new management and operational constraints it entails.