About Us

Call Centers U.S. is a company dedicated to providing the best in nearshore call center solutions and business process outsourcing. Our inbound and customer care platforms allow business owners to set up call center services for their customers without having to worry about the high costs and administrative burden of running their own in-house operations.

Unlike other BPO companies that provide dubious offshore call center solutions at low rates,
Call Centers U.S. takes pride in offering reliable nearshore platforms with a diverse workforce
that really understands the business needs of American companies. We provide outsourcing in
the same time zones of the United States, and our agents share cultural affinity with American

Our mission is to execute on our BPO strategies while observing our core values. We have a
commitment to continue growing the company by focusing on our clients. We intend to take full ownership over the accounts entrusted to us, and we understand that the success of our clients will translate into our own success. We believe that our diversity will continue to contribute to our success, and we understand that our cultural affinity with American customers is what sets us apart in the BPO world.

By combining technology with innovative business strategies, Call Centers U.S. can manage
customer service channels, lead generation campaigns, booking and reservations, surveys, help
desk operations, and others. We are proud to be a company incorporated in the U.S., and we
strive to recruit multilingual agents to better serve the needs of our clients.

Our years of BPO experience allow us to provide services across many sectors. Our call centers
can be configured for retail, technology, healthcare, travel, entertainment, manufacturing, and
more. We can deliver on multiple BPO channels beyond customer contact; we also handle
recruiting of agents with specific skills, training, quality assurance, reporting, and account